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About ResponsibleRisk

ResponsibleRisk Ltd was founded to drive improvements in Sustainable Finance adoption and outcomes, via better understanding of the topic, data and solutions.

New approaches to the engagement of business decision makers that empowers leaders to drive impact across boundaries

Recent News

Get the recordings and videos from Sustainable Finance.Live 2023 

Latest interviews  I interview Banks, Asset Managers, Standards setters and more on Finextra TV

Who am I.  Listen as I am interviewed on The Microsoft Alumni podcast below,


The Sustainable Finance challenge

$47 trillion of capital is pledged to Sustainable Finance and supporting outcomes aligned to Sustainability and Impact goals, such as the UN SDGs.

This huge volume of capital is only trickling from behind a dam created by uncertainty from lack of data, taxonomies, schemas, reporting and products, robust enough to satisfy the risk register of financial institutions.

The result is a lack of confidence about viable options for investing in sustainable initiatives.


The Solution


Culture holds back strategy and a new culture is needed that attracts and retains top graduates and new clients.  This culture must be built on a clear leadership that drives purpose, via execution of  the triple bottom line.


Not measuring Nature has led to over-extraction of the commons such as; Oceans; Tundras; Forest; People. New measures such as ESG and Impact Investing need to become central to new operational norms, accounting and integrated reporting standards


A digital twin of our planet is being created allowing us to measure and manage our impact.  IoT, Satellites, 5G, Cloud, AI and ML can help create new sustainable revenue streams and profit  pools.


What we do

Story Telling

Contributing editor at Finextra

Interviewing the best fintechs, big FI's, policy makers, data suppliers and more that are leading the way in delivering Sustainable Finance.  


Leading and Connecting these best in class partners in an ecosystem to build and deliver solutions for start-ups, growth companies and incumbent FI's. 


Many of these are partners I have worked with through my 23 years at Microsoft with my specialisms in strategy, consulting and technology.

We have created a new "hackathon for business people" to learn and solve for Sustainable Finance challenges


Lean Back; Lean In; Learn by Doing approach;


See this in practice at SustainableFinance.Live


Coaching firms that are targeting Sustainable Finance and Technology in their growth plans via business strategy and model, tech strategy and go to market plans.


Connecting with my Tech' partners such as Microsoft and Finance partners such as LSEG and EBRD


Advisor to


Earth Knowledge

Credit Nature



Ordnance Survey

RTGS Global



What we do


Richard Peers



Previously I was in the Global Banking Industry strategy team at Microsoft.

 I am also Contributing Editor with Finextra on Sustainable Finance

Richard draws on the extensive network that he built up over 23 years at Microsoft. 

Emerging Sustainable Finance Influencer

700k monthly visitors to Finextra

6K+ senior followers on LinkedIn

Leads SustainableFinance.Live Advisory Board 

Which includes the largest consulting firms to the most elite of specialists: ResponsibleRisk works to bring AI, Data, Sustainability, Banking and Capital markets firms together to resolve the biggest challenges facing our People, Planet and Industry.

Winner Best Sustainable Finance Consultancy UK 2020

Advisor to 

Earth Knowledge

Credit Nature



Ordnance Survey


WWF Sight

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